About us

Since February 1995 we have successfully engaged in their favorite thing: design, installation, repair and commissioning of engineering networks — heat, water, sewer.
The company has a strong base of mechanization, equipped with modern domestic and imported machinery and transport mechanisms leading manufacturers of construction machinery, that allows you to perform work of any complexity, in all weather conditions in natural urban environment.
High quality and efficiency of the operations is achieved not only reliable, economical and high-performance machines and mechanisms, but also because, certified highly qualified specialists with extensive expertise and experience in systems of housing and construction.
The quality of our work complies with GOST, SNIP, SanPin. In this paper, we use only high quality certified materials are purchased from regular suppliers.
All this allows us to carry out a full range of activities, from obtaining initial permits for construction and finishing facility commissioning.

The distinctive features of our company:

- An integrated approach to the work, providing customers a full and truthful information in connection with their tasks.
- Selection of the optimal technical solution, the implementation of all necessary approvals.
- Rapid response to changes in the design and during construction and installation works (SMR) incurred on the initiative of the customer..


Qualified structure of our organization