Works on the construction market of Moscow and the Moscow region since 1995. The combined experience, technical, intellectual and material resources of our company provides the most efficient operation, and provide a new level of dynamism, flexibility and responsibility in the implementation of construction projects.
Priority of our company is the construction of external and internal engineering networks and communications for industrial, residential and public buildings and execution of works and services as:

- Engineering systems of buildings and structures - Project development and intra-urban off-site utilities with their coordination in the necessary instances (design of external engineering networks of water supply, sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc.),
- Opening orders for works,
- Preparation of technical specifications for connection to the city networks,
- Drafting estimates - General contracting,
- Leasing of construction equipment

As our company is actively developing the following areas of construction activity: — landscaping (recovery device and asphalt pavement, landscaping, etc.) — installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, — concrete works.

Advantages of cooperation with our company are:

- A full range of works from design and construction to commissioning.
- Our company, choosing from a variety of brands of equipment and materials, trying to pick up the customer the best solutions, taking into account the necessary characteristics and economic attractiveness. The cost of work performed by our company, not the highest in the market for design and construction. An interactive system for calculating the cost of design work to determine the base amount for the start of negotiations. The negotiations resulted in the final cost may vary greatly beneficial to the customer side.
- High quality of work.
- Quality assurance. The company has all necessary licenses and certificates of admission to the works that affect the safety of capital construction.
- Implementing best practices and technologies. We are constantly improving their skills, using the latest technology to meet the challenges in the field of engineering. In this age of rapidly developing technologies we implement the latest developments.

Sincerely, The company "Monolith-Spetsstroy"